Overview of Gym.

The Columbia's exceptional Gym offers many facilities, the most spectacular of which is the nearly Olympic-sized pool. There is an entire blog devoted to photos of the
Pool, pictured above
There are also separate blogs devoted to
Children's Playroom, and indoor all weather playground.
The Party Room
Gym Equipment Center
The Raquetball, Basketball, and handball courts in the Gym.
The Steam Room
The Sauna
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View of the Lotus Garden from the 7th Floor of the Columbia Condominium Northern Exposure

These photos are from 7D.

These are from 7BView from the 7th Floor Windows

Winter photos are from 7A

Children's Playroom, and indoor all weather playground.

The View From the Roofdeck of the Columbia Condominium... 360 degrees...

Click on photos to have them appear at full size on your screen.The roof has a wonderful 360 degree view of the entire city, unsurpassed by any building in New York City!

First picture, North to East South East. Second picture is due south, from Southeast to Soutwest. The last picture is South West to North.

Venus rises over Long Island Sound, as seen from the roof deck of the Columbia Condominium

You sit on the roof deck and take in the panoramic view of midtown



Or Night,

If you look North, it's the George Washington Bridge

Entry and Approach to the Columbia Condominium

Approaching the Columbia, looking east toward Broadway. A grocery story is across the street.
The LobbyThe entrance
Express stop, 96th St. Subway Entrance in front of the Columbia Condominium.
A view of the corner with the Columbia in the background.
A view of the corner, backing up still more.
Looking up at the Columbia from Broadway and 96th St.
And a view of the bottom of the building from the far side of 96th St.

The Lotus Garden

The Lotus Garden entrance is on 97th Street, next to the garage.

It contains pools, paths, flowers...

trees, ...
And a sense of the country in the city.


The Party Room

Raquetball, Basketball, and handball courts in the Gym.

Basketball half court
Handball court.
Raquetball Court