Other facilities, Laundry, Bicycle Room, Storage Bins

The isles of the laundry room are narrow. Any single photo would make the room appear small. This set of photos (from left) shows the four triple-loader machines, with some of the dryers from the left isle in the background, and some of the double loader washers and dryers from the right isle spread out before you. The room is ample, and in over 16 years at the Columbia, I have had to wait for a washing machine just twice, and not for long. The renovated laundry room (not pictured) has more machines, so the choices should be greater.

The Bicycle Room spaces currently rent for $50 per year, but there is a waiting list. Last I asked the list was one to two years long.

The next photo is of the storage units, which are only available to owners. Most are 4'x4'x7.5' high. There is a waiting list.

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